My name is Mackenzie and I would like to officially welcome you to my blog, Mind In Constant Motion.  Mostly I hope to fill this space with my original poems and stories, but unfortunately to make them worth reading, I need to spend quality time on each of them. So, to fill the void, and… Continue reading Welcome!



DAY ONE:  What, Why, and Where I Write I write poems, creative stories, and blogs. I write poems when I'm having a hard time personally or if I'm thinking too much about other people's problems. Usually I write these in my bed, on my phone, late at night when I'm exhausted and my head is… Continue reading DAY ONE

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A Night In Agony

As I clean the skin and blood From underneath my nails, I wondered if there ever would be a wind to take my sails. To fly away, from who I am now To have the freedom of a dove, To be with angels who know their vow, Free from people who cannot love. When floating… Continue reading A Night In Agony

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Thoughts of Us

We’ve all had that moment when we were at a meeting or in a crowd and became frustrated, thinking to ourselves “Why?”, “Why is this happening”, “Why does it have to be this way?” I have just experienced this, and it made me contemplate the structures of societies as a whole. Now, this has happened… Continue reading Thoughts of Us

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Thoughts of a Procrastinator

…. Can I say how I’m not surprised, not in the slightest, that I’m already behind on this blog?  In my own mind, I had set some rules to keep myself accountable with this new endeavor, and already I’ve broken them. I wanted to start by posting a “Thought of the Day” blog … (you… Continue reading Thoughts of a Procrastinator